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Here is a situation where the customer had a Tascam MidiStudio 688 Multi Track Recorder that had been in storage for a long time. The customer recently wanted to mix down some older recordings to a newer format (AKA – Digital) and found that the recorder would no longer play or record. We brought it into our shop and proceeded to undergo the repair; inside we found that the capstan roller belt had turned to a jelly like substance that no longer resembled a drive belt and was more in the shape of a ribbon due to winding itself up on the drive pulley and stopping everything from moving at all. Subsequently the capstan drive motor had also burned out due to the belt wrapping itself up on the pulleys. We ordered a new belt from the Tascam Corporation but the motor was discontinued and no longer available. After doing some research on the item we located a motor with the same specifications as the original motor and ordered one from the electronic supplier. After receiving the parts in the mail, we re-soldered the lead wires to the new motor, installed the new belt from Tascam TEAC, cleaned the tape heads and rollers. The unit is now in great working order and should be good for another ten years of use. We made another friend and another happy customer.



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Here’s a situation where the customer had been using this commercial style mower this season and decided to do the routine maintenance on it oil change, spark plugs, air filter, gas filter, etc. and then was unable to start the engine. what went wrong was when changing the gas filter some dirt got into the fuel line and went straight to the carburetor got lodged in the float valve and caused a fuel leak. The fuel leaked right through the carburetor into the PCV system on the engine and filled the engines crankcase completely diluting the engine oil and filling the cylinders with fuel so the engine would no longer turn over. We immediately repaired the fuel leak issue by opening up the carburetor and removing the debris that was clogging the float valve, and then we drained the gas/oil mix that was in the crankcase and changed the oil filter added new oil. Finally, we removed the spark plugs, cranked the engine over to flush the gas from the cylinders, cleaned, and replaced the spark plugs, put some fuel in the tank and gave it a pull. The engine stared right up smoked a bit for a minute and ran fine. We added three new blades to the mower deck for the customer and we were done. We made a friend and another happy customer.

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